The Hollywood Reporter Looooves “Cargo”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Cargo offers taut storyline and complex characterizations.” Read full review

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The New York Times Loves “Cargo”

The New York Times: “Yan Vizinberg’s “Cargo” is commendably free of cheap emotional manipulation. Instead the film leans almost exclusively on the focused performances of its two leads, who create a credibly barbed chemistry…” Read the full review

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“Cargo” Wins Grand Jury Award at New Hampshire Film Festival

Great news: “Cargo” won the Grand Jury Award at New Hampshire Film Festival! The Grand Jury Award is “NHFF’s most prestigious award presented each year to the best overall film as selected by the festival’s esteemed Grand Jury.” Perfect timing for our New York opening at Quad Cinema this Friday, October 21st.

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Russia Beyond the Headlines (a NYT supplement) Profiles “Cargo”

Russia Beyond the Headlines: “‘Cargo’ is a dark road trip and ultimately, a story of redemption, but it offers up a wrenching portrait of human trafficking in the United States along the way.” Click here to read the full article.

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“Cargo” To Screen in Esperanto

We are proud to announce that “Cargo” is invited to screen at the “Kino Sen Limoj,” an independent film festival in the international language of Esperanto that will take place next July in Berlin.

The main goal of the festival closely reflects the themes of “Cargo” — it aims “to break existing images about the world, remove stereotypes, and prove that barriers for communication do not exist.” Read an interview with director Yan Vizinberg on “Esperanto Blog.”

For the screening at the festival “Cargo” (originally filmed in English, Russian and Arabic) will be subtitled in Esperanto. To learn more about Esperanto, visit

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“Cargo” Posters All Over Greenwich Village

Our posters are all over Greenwich Village now! This one is on 13th Street and 6th Ave. If you see one — snap a photo with your phone and post it on our Facebook page.

Cargo Posters

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Freedom Week Supports “Cargo”

We are proud to welcome Freedom Week, another great non-profit organization that stepped in to support the release of “Cargo.” Freedom Week aims to inspire those with the freedom to choose how they live their lives to help set free those who do not.

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“Cargo” Soundtrack Available for Download

All music for “Cargo” was composed by the wonderful Michael Whalen, a two-time Emmy Award-winning composer. Pledge on our Kickstarter campaign now and get a free download of the entire “Cargo” soundtrack (15 tracks) + other cool prizes. And here’s a little taster — a free track titled “Virginia.” It’s sad, melancholic and beautiful.

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“Cargo” To Screen at New Hampshire Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that “Cargo” was selected to screen at New Hampshire Film Festival, October 13-16. New England, here we come!

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Support us on Kickstarter

Our theatrical release in New York City, starting October 21st, is supported by major human rights organizations: FAIR Fund and HTA Council. But we need your support as well. Please go to our Kickstarter campaign and help us open “Cargo” in New York to raise awareness of the growing sex trafficking industry in the United States.

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